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    Emmillia Kurek

      /  Emmillia Kurek

    Emmillia Kurek

    Native speaker

    I was born in the UK and attended the prestigious Brutan’s School for Girls in Devon. I spent some time living in Italy (where I learnt to speak Italian) before returning to the UK to live in London.

    A foreign language for me is…

    Gives me opportunities to travel and see the world

    I enjoy teaching…

    as it means that I also learn every day.

    If I weren’t a teacher, then…

    I would concentrate on my alpacas.

    When I am not at school…

    I run an alpaca farm at Alpaki Roztocze.

    My amazing skill is…

    my ability to grow exotic fruits and vegetables.

    I do not part with…

    My red wrist watch which I got from my sister-in-law