Jesteśmy dla Ciebie Pon – Pt 08:00 – 16:00

Stacey Lawless

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Stacey Lawless

Native speaker

I was born in Sheffield which is in Yorkshire in the north of England. I come from a very large family and love spending time with them.

I have done lots of different jobs including supporting older people, supporting children with physical and learning difficulties and working with children and families as a behaviour specialist in secondary school. In my spare time I like to watch movies, read books and learn Polish. I have been very fortunate to have travelled to many countries including Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Borneo, Barbados, Spain, Majorca, Turkey, Germany, France, Switzerland and more.

After a year back in England I have returned to wonderful Zamość to continue my work with Bacalarus.

A foreign language for me is…

an important skill to have and has taught me more about my first language. 

I like teaching (because)…

I am proud to be able to enable other people to communicate in English and this will hopefully open the world up for exploration.

If I weren’t a teacher, then…

I would be focused more on body art. 

When I am not at school…

I am focused on body art.

I do not part with…

my phone, it contains family photos and allows me connection with my family.

My amazing skill…

is being understood despite having a Yorkshire accent.